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Concreteweb Review

Giant review ! 98/100 :

“Then, the near 9-minutes “The Midnight Weirdos”
sounds like something which might’ve been written
in the high times of the heavier Psychedelic Rock scene of the sixties “

Setalight Records

We are stunned to announce the release of our first album “Dot Legacy” in June with the german super cool label Setalight Records.


MeloDuende Pledge Custom

After four months of painful waiting, the Pledge custom finally reaches Dot Legacy team.


Thanks to Meloboys from Meloduende for their work, their ideas and their kindness.

To see the artist page dedicated to the Pledge Custom and Dot Legacy, visit Meloduende Web Site : Review

Review of our upcoming album in Italian.

” Un tuffo nel passato, un mix con nuove idee per dare alla luce un album trascendentale, introspettivo e estremamente riflessivo. “