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Interactive Video Clip – HORIZON

Experience DOT LEGACY’s highly acclaimed single “HORIZON” like never before.


On this website you will be constantly creating your own version of the video clip, each time changing the story line, and launching you deeper into the musical space Dot Legacy created for you.


The website also contains amazing 
access to Bonus material !

  • LIVE 360° video of our show in Brussels, along with Multi Cam footage
  • Two fun and crazy interviews of the band including on 360° candy eating frenzy madness !
  • An interactive map to follow with personal videos in all the cites we played in on our tour with TRUCKFIGTHERS 
(rated PG 18)
  • A mixing console to do your OWN MIX of “HORIZON” ! Discover all the seperated track that made this song possible and fuzzy as hell !
  • The Making of : go behind the curtain and discover how the video clip was shot. 
Meet the talented team of WIPS !

The video clip is also available on Youtube.

The Obelisk – Pioneer

The great The Obelisk aka JJ Koczan talks about our latest video release “PIONEER” !

“As a wrap for the here-then-there-then-over-here To the Others it’s all the more resonant, but even approached on its own, as a single, three-plus-minute work, it tends to stay with you after it’s finished.”