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Ave Noctum review

Ave Noctum reviewed our album !

“They are clearly a great bunch of musicians with excellent songwriting skills and a huge amount of artistic vision.”

Belgian Review

Nice review from Belgium !

We will be in Belgium, September the 20th, on the occasion of Massif Festival.

Un disque atypique à tester d’urgence si vous aimez le Stoner et que vous avez envie d’écouter autre chose qu’un ersatz de Kyuss.

Planet Mosh Review

“…inherits an avant-garde musical orbit lying somewhere between

Russian Circles, Sleep, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Kyuss.”

Crimson Moon Zine Review

An incredible review from the USA, maybe the best one … 10/10.

You can even see the design of the album.

“This album is pure genius.”