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We are so honoured to be tattooed on one of the dearest and kindest person we have met on the road: Christian Beardy Bird, Rockpool eV‘s crew.


Great work to Joe Westcott for the ink work

Review // Fire Magazine

To The Others is a bloody impressive and solid work, it breaks stereotypes and offers you a challenging and thrilling experience.

Thanks Fire Magazine from Italy !

Bring The Noise

Thanks to Aurélie from BRING THE NOISE for having us live at OUI FM !

Merci les Ouinneur.

Ouï FM – Bring The Noise

Nous serons en direct ce soir à BRING THE NOISE sur OUI FM à 23h30 !
Nous parlerons de notre dernier album “To The Others” et des projets à venir.

We’ll be “ON AIR” tonight on OUI FM‘s’ BRING THE NOISE at 10:30pm GMT !
We’ll talk about our new album “To The Others” and what’s coming for 2017.

Tune in tonight :